Friday, 27 January 2012

Some shots with fill-in flash

I took these yesterday.. there is something about this type of work that I love.

It is achieved by metering from the sky behind the subject using spot metering in manual mode.
Then ignoring what the meter says and not changing the settings but using a flash dialled down to take the shot of the subject.
The small bit of flash then fills in the subject that would have otherwise been rendered dark if the sky was correctly exposed.

What are all these ducks beaks laughing at?  :)

I would like to have taken these shots of Lewis from straight on, but behind were trees so to get just sky to make it work, I had to take it from below!

Had I metered from the face, the sky would've been white.
Its a great way to get a nice blue sky.
Give it a try, its great fun and the results are inspiring.

(Yes, I know I should've cloned out the telephone wires - it was a spur of the moment thing!!)


  1. These are brilliant Janice thanks for the tips shall definitely give this a go!

  2. Something I learned on my course, but still forget about, thanks for the reminder xx lovely pics x x

  3. Thanks for your commens girls, much appreciated.x

  4. Thanks for the tips Janice. I love what you have done here. I will give it a go xxx

  5. hi janice i've awarded you and your blog the liebster award you can find out more on my blog :)