Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Chimneys and kettles

It has started to turn cold today.   Glad I have got my Slanket ( sorted out for the cold nights.!

Not had any work all week, or most of last, bad news :(

We have two very large chimneys downstairs.  We are sure the warm air from the radiators goes up them and also the cold wind blows down.
The heating bills are very high in this house, with its high ceilings and old wooden sash windows with no double glazing.  Hence the purchase of the Slanket!  But I have Lewis to keep me warm :)

Our Tefal jug kettle was leaking a lot over the past couple of weeks, all over the counter when you poured it.   So Roger bought a new one, and when he boiled it, it leaked all over the had a split down the side!  doh!!

Im watching the Chilean miners being pulled to safety at the moment.  Loved the commentary when they said some of them had "minor injuries"  haha  just my cuppa tea that was!! :)

Shadows in the kitchen