Friday, 24 September 2010

Sheffield and back

Early start yesterday morning, off to deliver in Hillsborough, Sheffield. It is the far end of Sheffield and almost into the Peak District.  I always take Lewis, he is good company!
On the way back I stopped in Sheffield for 5 mins to take a couple of shots of the buildings, and then on to Anston Stone Woods, a lovely area with a really high rail embankment one side and  an even higher embankment (about 100 ft) up to the road the other side.
Down in the valley between it is magical.  Woodland, a brook running along beside you all the way, lots of stone arches and rocky outcrops.   We both love it there.
Now the pics!

First the architectural ones:
  Capita Hart Building            

Capita Hart Building 2

The new

Old and new together:

In the woods:   tunnel 

Sitting on top of the bridge over the stream

And the stream that runs along the bottom of this lovely place, its is next to your all along your walk with lovely sounds and birds singing.