Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Doctors and drinks

Half way through February already and spring is on its way.
There are snowdrops out and crocuses just starting to open.

Best news of all is that Thomas has got a job in Fenchurch Street in London at an insurance underwriters.
He has been for many interviews up there and the good news came on Monday.

Well done son, we are all very proud of you xx

Today I had my abdominal scan to see if I have indeed got gallstones.
Apparently I have no stones but I have some "debris".
I asked if this meant a shopping trolley, an old boot and a goldfish !!  :)

When I walked into the scan room I could smell the overwhelming smell of underarm B.O. the type that smells like raw onions!  There was only he and a nurse in the room and as he sat next to me, to my dismay, I realised it was HIM!

He then proceeded to say "Take a very deep breath in"!!  AARGHH!!... which was followed by about another 20 deep breaths!  I nearly passed out!

AND it bloody well hurt!!

However, all done now and we shall see what the outcome is after a doctor's appointment.

Watch this space.

This photo is of a pleasant drink in a pub while doing a recce for a wedding I am photographing in May in Saffron Walden.