Thursday, 26 January 2012

The track of my photography

Like most photographers, I have my own preferences of which TYPE of photography I prefer and also the styles of taking the photos.

Some people stick with the same type for most of their lives, never venturing into uncharted waters, so to speak!

But I have tried my hand at a fair few types because I believe it is better to be able to diversify if the need arises.

That probably means I am a jack of all trades and master of none, but as I am not a professional, that is how I prefer it.

I started off with my favourite subject, wildlife photography.  I took shots of birds mainly and had a couple that won the Photo of the month Competition in the local Herts and Essex Observer newspaper.

Blue Tit

Cock Chaffinch



Gradually my interest faded over a couple of years and I turned my hand to portrait work and made myself a small studio at home, and did portrait shoots with white backgrounds which is the in-thing!!

I have also done some weddings and thoroughly enjoyed those too, its very stressful but once the day is underway it is great fun!

So you see I have a fair few areas of photography to fall back on but at the moment I am just trying to get myself out and about and start hearing that shutter button click again!

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