Thursday, 11 April 2013


Well, I have been very remiss with my blog... no updates for 15 months!!

Really cold weather this spring, unlike this time last year when it was just like summer.

My daffs have only just started to open, the tulips are still just leaves, and the lawn has only been mowed twice.

Two of my good friends have acquired puppies recently.    John's Sheltie, Lara, had two little blue merle boy puppies, John has kept one called Dec.  He is 12 weeks old. (All photos are clickable)

As  you can see, he is a little darling, and will be shown just like his mother and if he wins half as many titles as her he will be doing well.  In between times he will just be Lewis's playmate and the three of them will cavort around the garden like mad things all summer!

Also, my friend Elaine and her family have just got a new baby Leonberger puppy, Marvin, 8 weeks.

He accompanies their older Leonberger, Oz, who is bad on his back legs now.  They seem to get on well together.   This photo is the second day home.

Lovely time to have new puppies, all ready for the lovely warm summer days ahead... we hope!