Wednesday, 6 October 2010

~Medlars and Fleas ~

Well, that's the first week of October nearly over. I have been moaning about people mentioning Christmas so early, but now it really IS in sight!!

There is a brilliant product we use on Lewis, called Frontline Combo.  The combo part means it kills fleas, larva, eggs etc. The whole shebang!
However, you have to produce a vets prescription before buying online in the UK.
I found a great place in the States where they buy packs of the pipettes of the stuff which is made for large dogs, then split them and sell those to owners of smaller dogs, along with a pot with a plastic lid for storage, and a syringe (no needle) for dropping the right dose onto your dog.
It works out at £11 for 6 pipettes-worth, instead of £34 for 6 pipettes over here!

That's my tip of the day! :)

Now some photos - all clickable as usual for a larger size:

Berry nice!

Leaf off!

 These are the fruits of the medlar tree (obviously called medlars), the name of the house.
They are an old fruit mentioned in Shakespeare.  Meldar jam and jelly are still made but not easy to find.