Saturday, 29 January 2011

A rather strange January.

As the title says, its been a rather strange January all in all.

From the day after New Year's Day when I had two very nasty gall stone attacks... through the middle of the month when an old trauma of the lower spine from 2008 came back to haunt me to now.. when when a house move seems very imminent. :)

My abdominal scan is planned for 16th February so they can see for sure if there are any gall stones... and if so they will operate and remove the whole gall bladder.

I have had 4 X-rays on my lower spine to see if there was a break or whatever when I slipped up on the stairs and landed with the lower 2 stairs across my lower back.  At the time the doctor thought Id probably broken a rib at the back and left it to heal, as they do.

It has been playing up recently so we shall see on 31st January what's to be seen.

I have to cut out all fat and red meat and cheese etc etc whilst waiting for the gallstone confirmation, so decided that would be a good time to go on a general diet.

It has been going very well, I'm quite happy eating carefully and have managed to lose a stone.

I really want to get back down to about 12 stoneish  but I will make each target at half a stone intervals. 

Set myself up for success!  :)

Have to move out of our rented house soon, so we are in the process of collecting stuff together at the moment.  Haven't found anywhere yet but its all a vicious circle, do you find somewhere first, or after you give notice!

When we moved to this house, my mind was was locked and I was so depressed all I could do was cry,  I had almost had a mental breakdown with the culmination of finding we were going to have the house repossessed if we didn't sell it quickly.

I hardly remember the move... we did it ourselves with the van and cars over a week, back and forth a  million times.

My medication has me on a level now and the thought of another move in the same way doesn't seem to bother me in the least. 

Also, having lost weight, and being excited at the prospect at losing more, I seem to be in a much happier frame of mind lately.  "Good,  say my family!!! :)

I lost half a stone during the last move, so maybe I will do so again!!  Now that's optimism for you!! :)

I will leave with a photo of me testing the background studio lights in 2007, weighing a bit more than I  want to get back to!