Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Snoozes and splashes

After a completely sleepless night, I finally had to go to bed at 9:30am to try to get a few hours kip!
Luckily I eventually managed to sleep till 12:30 so felt quite a bit better then.

I havent let Lewis into the big part of the garden for a while now,  what with all the rain etc.  But today it was sunny, so I did.    Half an hour later he came rushing in all excited, and when I bent down to talk to him it hit me!!!  YUK!     His first encounter with fox poo!  :(

I thought we were going to get away with it as he has  not shown and interest in rolling in it while we have been walking across the fields, but now I guess it has started and will carry on.

So, it was bath time in the garden (him, not me!)  water then shampoo then water, then conditioner then hose!

Then,,, run round the garden like a lunatic! :)  He loves that bit!

I tried to dry him indoors with a fan heater which suddenly stopped. Grrr.
So he had to dry in the wind while playing with me!
He looks gorgeous now, all his white bits are SNOW white.

Dont know how a fox got into the garden, jumped the 4 foot fence I guess, but it can bugger off as soon as it likes!!!

One of Lewis from earlier in the summer, looking rather scruffy!