Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May has begun, well it's a third of the way through!   Where is the year going?

Beautiful weather for the last few weeks, although I guess we DO need rain for the crops and gardens.

I have started going to watch Thomas play cricket for Matching Green on Saturdays again now, it is very relaxing and makes me feel great when he does well.  (Which he is doing lately with his new bat!!) :)

He scored 59 last week, so had to buy a jug in the pub afterwards!!

Oh the price of success!!  :)

He is also the wicket keeper.

oOo----------------------------------------------- oOo

It is baby bird time of the year again.  We have Great Tits nesting in the mailbox again!
It is hard when you have cats and you also like wildlife.  We had a young blackbird brought in by one of the cats last night.  They are nesting in the ivy on the garage wall.

It is getting near the time for my gall bladder surgery, 2nd June.  I am starting to have the odd twinge again lately.   Glad it will soon be gone.

Today the weather is perfect, and I think I am going to have a rather special day!
My friend Sue, who I went to school with and lived in the same road as, moved to Australia with her husband and young son a few years ago.  We keep in touch by email and Facebook.   She emailed to say she is over here briefly and could we meet up (her sister Sally is here too, from France)
I haven't seen Sue (apart from a school reunion in 1993) for SOOOO long!   We did have some times together from about 1970 - 1977!! :)

Looking forward to seeing Sue & Sally again and reliving the old days!