Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lockets and Lads

Thirteen months ago was my 50th birthday.
My two lovely lads gave me a gorgeous silver heart-shaped locket with a purple stone on the outside and spaces on the inside for their photos.

I have to say I have been very remiss at sorting out photos, making them small enough, then getting them to fit.

I haven't done a wonderful job but I am so pleased that I have finally got them there.. close to my heart, as they are in real life and where they belong.
Thank you boys.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Landscapes and leaves

Well it's been a long time since I have posted as I really don't seem to do anything worth mentioning!

Made a wonderful lemon drizzle cake yesterday.  Wonderful flavour and not too difficult so I can see myself making it again... and again... and again!! :)

As it is my favourite time of the year, I went for a nice walk this morning.  It can stay cold and bright like this all year as far as I'm concerned :)

Lewis, my little walking companion and my best friend.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Chimneys and kettles

It has started to turn cold today.   Glad I have got my Slanket ( sorted out for the cold nights.!

Not had any work all week, or most of last, bad news :(

We have two very large chimneys downstairs.  We are sure the warm air from the radiators goes up them and also the cold wind blows down.
The heating bills are very high in this house, with its high ceilings and old wooden sash windows with no double glazing.  Hence the purchase of the Slanket!  But I have Lewis to keep me warm :)

Our Tefal jug kettle was leaking a lot over the past couple of weeks, all over the counter when you poured it.   So Roger bought a new one, and when he boiled it, it leaked all over the had a split down the side!  doh!!

Im watching the Chilean miners being pulled to safety at the moment.  Loved the commentary when they said some of them had "minor injuries"  haha  just my cuppa tea that was!! :)

Shadows in the kitchen

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

~Medlars and Fleas ~

Well, that's the first week of October nearly over. I have been moaning about people mentioning Christmas so early, but now it really IS in sight!!

There is a brilliant product we use on Lewis, called Frontline Combo.  The combo part means it kills fleas, larva, eggs etc. The whole shebang!
However, you have to produce a vets prescription before buying online in the UK.
I found a great place in the States where they buy packs of the pipettes of the stuff which is made for large dogs, then split them and sell those to owners of smaller dogs, along with a pot with a plastic lid for storage, and a syringe (no needle) for dropping the right dose onto your dog.
It works out at £11 for 6 pipettes-worth, instead of £34 for 6 pipettes over here!

That's my tip of the day! :)

Now some photos - all clickable as usual for a larger size:

Berry nice!

Leaf off!

 These are the fruits of the medlar tree (obviously called medlars), the name of the house.
They are an old fruit mentioned in Shakespeare.  Meldar jam and jelly are still made but not easy to find.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rain and puppies

What a rubbishy week of weather, followed by a rubbishy weekend too!
Although on the very day I had decided to do my October Photo Challenge on the theme of RAIN, it was a nice sunny day!!!
Arsenal playing Chelsea this afternoon...  I don't hold out too much hope. :(

Lewis had his friend Lara the Sheltie over the other day so I have put some photos of the rain and some photos of the pups :)        All photos clickable.

Lewis is just growing his tail.  It looks lovely when it is held up, but I will have to catch that another day!

And the gorgeous Lara!