Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spring has sprung

April is here, we have been through snowdrops, crocuses, and now daffodils, with tulips heads hanging around ready to open a little later on.

The weather is a bit blustery and blowy but I suppose that is March winds and April showers for you!

Took Lewis for a nice walk in Hatfield Forest last weekend.  Owing to the lovely weather it was pretty busy with parents and children with bikes and scooters, pushchairs, and dogs.
Lewis played with lots of other dogs and had a wonderful time, did the pair of us good!

Mother's Day on Sunday, no doubt I will be popping over to Chelmsford to see my mum. Don't know what to take her but it will probably be a plant or flowers.  Because I have always seen HER on Mother's Day, I tend to forget that I am a mum and it's MY day too!! :)