Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Poor horse chestnut tree

We have a humungous horse chestnut tree in the front garden.
Three years ago it got a disease and started to turn brown in mid summer.
We noticed lots of other trees over the whole of the country were doing the same :(

It is a combination of a leaf miner and a canker.  However, after 2 years of having it, it was fine last year.

Back again this year though.  It produces a vast number of conkers still, so perhaps it will be fine again next year.
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 Still makes a mess of the garden though!  This is about a 5th of the ground beneath it, much to the local children's delight!  I allow everyone to come and collect conkers, seeing as they are no longer allowed to play conkers at school...booo...hissss!!!

Incey Wincey

Virginia Creeper by the front door.