Thursday, 3 November 2011

Remember, remember.......

November is upon us and it unseasonably warm. The trees are looking wonderful because we have had no frost here yet to knock them to the ground.
I remember many a Firework Night as a child absolutely FREEEZING trying to keep warm by the fire but not this year I doubt.

 Adam is now firmly ensconced in the house in Leeds with his friends. He has been trying hard for months to find a job and has finally got one in HMV in Leeds. It is a huge store with 2 floors and he has been there two days and loves it. Phew, that's one weight off my mind!... a huge one!
 He popped back home with a bad foot after a skateboard accident a few weeks ago but is right as rain now.

Roger was knocked to the ground face first by a reversing van last week! He was on the phone to Adam and suddenly was sent flying forwards and his phone went the opposite way across the concrete!! What with his bad hands and knees anyway, the force went up his arms and down his sides. After a couple of days rest he too is now fine!

Thomas hasn't had any accidents (touch wood) and is getting on very well in his job in the City.

Arsenal seem to be picking up a bit lately...obviously they couldn't get much worse!! :)

Here's a couple of photos I took recently when I finally remembered to take the camera out on a walk with Lewis!

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  1. beautiful pictures, janice, as usual (apart from poor adam's foot!)
    good to hear about adam's job, and also good to hear that roger is on the mend. xx