Saturday, 17 September 2011


In comes September... best month (as it's my birthday month!! )
Very mixed weather as usual.

I drove up to Derbyshire in the Peak District on Wednesday, to see my friends Margie & Mal and their lovely Cavaliers while they were on holiday there.
We had a lovely day, a lovely meal, and Lewis thoroughly enjoyed playing with their "boys"! 
It was a 3hr drive each way  but seeing as I go up to Yorkshire so often, it really didn't seem that far for me.




Tom is still enjoying working in London, and Adam has been gone up to Leeds and moved in with some friends for about 6 weeks now.. very quiet here!!

Roger walked into the garden the other evening and picked an apple off the tree and came and sat in the lounge to eat it while watching TV.
Lewis was sitting staring up at him as he likes apples, but Roger said in a gruff voice "NO", as we don't like him staring when we are eating.
Lewis ran quickly out of the room and we thought no more about it.
About 3 or 4 minutes later, Lewis came trotting back into the room with a pear in his mouth from the garden and lay on the lounge floor eating it!!! :)

Clever boy!! :)

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