Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Poor horse chestnut tree

We have a humungous horse chestnut tree in the front garden.
Three years ago it got a disease and started to turn brown in mid summer.
We noticed lots of other trees over the whole of the country were doing the same :(

It is a combination of a leaf miner and a canker.  However, after 2 years of having it, it was fine last year.

Back again this year though.  It produces a vast number of conkers still, so perhaps it will be fine again next year.
  All photos can be clicked to enlarge.

 Still makes a mess of the garden though!  This is about a 5th of the ground beneath it, much to the local children's delight!  I allow everyone to come and collect conkers, seeing as they are no longer allowed to play conkers at school...booo...hissss!!!

Incey Wincey

Virginia Creeper by the front door.


  1. hi janice
    what fab photos, my kids love the horse chestnut tree at the end of our road, hopefully yours will recover from its canker (what a great word!!)
    loving your blog and i now think i will have a seperate one for my photos too!!!

  2. No conkers at school - that was a highlight of the year at Chipping Ongar Juniors. Nanny state! Nice pics BTW.

  3. Yes, we dont want the little ones to hurt themselves, Graham! Absolutely ludicrous.

    Remember throwing bloody great sticks up into the horse chestnut tree beyond the scout hut to get the conkers down? That was more dangerous than playing the conkers!! :)

    Thanks for your comments folks.