Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Lewis and I went along the hedgerows for some blackberries today, but the summer has gone so fast this year that I had missed them all!!
So it was our lovely cooking apples from the tree in the garden, along with a bit of cinnamon, made into an apple crumble with some Cornish Ice Cream for dessert tonight.

Went down well after sausages, jacket potatoes done in the oven, and home grown tomatoes cooked in the pan with the sausages.

Simple but lovely  (a bit like me!!) :)

And to round the evening off... Arsenal beat Spurs in a Carling Cup match 4-1.. yessssss!!!


  1. oh I was looking forward to some lovely hedgerow pics :(
    and we got knocked out by wolves :(

  2. bloody dangerous wolves are... if they jump up at you they can easily knock you out!!!! :)