Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 1/116   Burnham on Crouch, Essex

Roger and I went to Burnham on Crouch for a walk along the sea wall with Lewis this morning.
Last time we went, Roger told me I wasn't to take my camera (all the heavy Canon gear and long lenses etc!)  but I did smuggle a compact point and shoot along :)
This time I took my GF1 with a lens on, and 2 other lenses in my fleece pockets.. so no weight or  bulk and we had a lovely walk, although his knees got rather bad so he sat and waited for Lewis and I to go a bit further.

We then popped Lewis in the car and had a "Full Monty"  breakfast in a tea rooms that has loads of motorcyclists on a Sunday morning, eating their breakfasts in a big square outside.  The bikes lined up looked smashing!  Lovely morning for me :)

A few shillings-worth there!
Anchors away..... or is it a-weigh?
Boys will be boys!!!


  1. Excellent start Janice... :thumbs:...
    ...great photos supported by interesting blurb... :-)

    Ambitious though, if you reckon it will be a daily ramble... :shrug: ...good luck!

  2. lovely pics, you'll keep it up, you know you will, cos I shall have words if you dont,
    joy xx

  3. Janice, great stuff! I shall follow with interest - well done on making a start!

  4. It's great to see you getting out and about Janice, buying the GF1 was a good decision as well as starting this blog......only a matter of time before I join the GF1 club :-)

    Oh and it is Mal not what Google decided to call me:-)